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  • Tasks:Christina is Network Manager of the Innovation Network RoboCluster.

    Christina E. WanscherChristina E. WanscherNetwork ManagerT  T. +45 6550 7952M  M. +45 9350 7500LOADEMAIL[cewa]DOMAIN[robocluster.dk]
  • Tasks:Per is Project Manager of the AutomationBoost project.

    Per F. GøsePer F. GøseProject ManagerT  +45 6550 7387M  +45 2912 5769LOADEMAIL[pfg]DOMAIN[robocluster.dk]
  • Tasks:Sarah is responsible for tasks concerning marketing and communication in the Innovation Network RoboCluster.

    Sarah BrandtSarah BrandtCommunication ManagerM  +45 2125 9414LOADEMAIL[sabrt]DOMAIN[robocluster.dk]
  • Tasks:Gina updates websites, does copywriting, practical help at events, etc.

    Gina Rasmine SimonsenGina Rasmine SimonsenStudent AssistantLOADEMAIL[grs]DOMAIN[robocluster.dk]
  • Tasks:Tom is CEO at Indesmatech

    Tom TogsverdTom TogsverdChairman of the Board from IndesmatechT  +45 2068 3343LOADEMAIL[tto]DOMAIN[indesmatech.com]
  • Tasks:Kasper is Director and Head of Department at the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute at the University of Southern Denmark.

    Kasper HallenborgKasper HallenborgBoard member from the University of Southern DenmarkT  +45 6550 7934LOADEMAIL[hallenborg]DOMAIN[mmmi.sdu.dk]
  • Tasks:Leif is Divisional Manager at FORCE Technology.

    Leif JeppesenLeif JeppesenBoard member from FORCE TechnologyT  +45 4326 7233LOADEMAIL[lej]DOMAIN[force.dk]
  • Tasks:Kurt is Head of Centre at the Centre for Robot Technology at the Danish Technological Institute.

    Kurt NielsenKurt NielsenDeputy chairman from the Danish Technological InstituteT  +45 7220 2211LOADEMAIL[kuni]DOMAIN[teknologisk.dk]
  • Tasks:Niels Erik is CEO at Developing Fyn, which represent Odense Robotics and UAS Denmark

    https://www.udviklingfyn.dk https://www.odenserobotics.dk https://uasdenmark.com
    Niels Erik Haug-LarsenNiels Erik Haug-LarsenBoard member from Developing Fyn T  +45 5114 3679LOADEMAIL[nehl]DOMAIN[udviklingfyn.dk]
  • Tasks:Ole is Associate Professor and Head of Studies at the Institute of Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark.

    Ole RavnOle RavnBoard member from Technical University of DenmarkT  +45 4525 3560LOADEMAIL[or]DOMAIN[elektro.dtu.dk]
  • Tasks:Sune is Associate Professor at Lab for Design for Play at Kolding School of Design

    Sune Klok GudiksenSune Klok GudiksenBoard member from Kolding School of DesignT  +45 2814 5152LOADEMAIL[skg]DOMAIN[dskd.dk]
  • Tasks:Thomas is Professor at the Departement of Electronic Systems at Aalborg University.

    Thomas BakThomas BakBoard member from Aalborg UniversityT  +45 9940 8701LOADEMAIL[tba]DOMAIN[es.aau.dk]
  • Tasks:Thomas is Head of Department at the Department of Engineering at Aarhus University.

    Thomas Skjødeberg ToftegaardThomas Skjødeberg ToftegaardBoard member from Aarhus UniversityT  +45 2137 9470LOADEMAIL[tst]DOMAIN[eng.au.dk]


RoboCluster brings together Danish expertise in the field of robotics research, development and design. The network provides you with the latest knowledge on robotics and intelligent solutions and services for several areal of great political and developmental attention. Get new input for your challenges in the field of robotics and automation and get closer to the Danish robotic 

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  • Tel.: +45 9350 7500
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