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Hospital at Home

Study of ways to nurse accutely ill elderly medical patients at home


The pressure on Danish hospital beds grows as the number of older people increases and the number of beds available goes down. Concurrently, it may seem inexpedient to admit a number of older medical patients to hospital as this can reduce their abilities to fight infections or muscle function losses, which may weaken them further. However, recent years have seen new technology products that may pave the way for more elderly patients being hospitalized in their own homes.

In the project "Hospital Own Home", which is led by the Geriatric Department of Odense University Hospital in close cooperation with Odense Municipality and several private companies, Patient@home is focusing on opportunities as well as the above challenges.

The project focuses specifically on senior citizens who are often hospitalized several times because of diseases such as lung and bladder infections. Out of 75 patients, who have been approved to participate in the project in accordance with specific guidelines, 45 will be admitted to Odense University Hospital in the traditional way. The other 30 patients will be treated in their own homes after being attended to by the hospital's emergency department. All patients will participate in the project at his/her own request.

Starting Point and Goal

The project is based on studies and determination of the conditions and technologies that must be available and applicable to ensure a proper treatment of the patient in his/her own home. Thus, a requirements specification for the types of technologies needed will be prepared by health professionals from Odense University Hospital and Odense Municipality at the start of the project.

Identifying opportunities in terms of care of acutely sick elderly patients in their own homes rather than in a hospital will have special attention in this project. Researchers from Odense University Hospital will examine, among other aspects, whether technological solutions, such as telemedicine and monitoring equipment, may support treatment in own home, and if technical equipment can keep up contact with the outside world irrespective of the visits of the homecare workers.

Based on the requirements specification, the goal here is to identify existing and approved health technologies that can support and alleviate hospitalization in own home.

The project is also expected to lead to the development of new technologies where seen necessary in the light of specific needs and results. At the end of the project patients, family and staff members will evaluate the acquired experience. The project's economic potential will be assessed at the same time.

The project is implemented in close cooperation with private companies in the partnercircle of Patient@home.

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