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Targeted innovation programme to increase the level of innovation and automation in small and medium sized enterprises in the Region of Southern Denmark


The manufacturing industry in Denmark has lost 200,000 jobs in the past 30 years as a result of production being moved to other countries. The Region of Southern Denmark has been hit hard as a large number of workplaces in the region are in production companies.


The objective of the project is to promote innovation in small and medium sized enterprises in the Region of Southern Denmark. This will be achieved by implementing new innovation collaborations between small and medium sized enterprises with automation needs, suppliers of automation solutions in the Region of Southern Denmark and knowledge institutions. Together, the partners will create new automation solutions with great generic potential, which on conclusion of the programme can be sold to many other businesses as a standard solution.

Business Development Centre - Southern Denmark and RoboCluster are the project operators and along with the University of Southern Denmark, the Danish Technological Institute and others constitute a committee that will select at least nine innovation collaborations. At least three small and medium sized enterprises are to be included in each innovation collaboration, one of which must be a supplier of automation solutions, and furthermore there must be at least one knowledge institution.

When the project's new generic automation solution is commercialised, it will mean that the products can be sold to many customers. Given that the products are generic, scaling of production is possible. This affords great growth potential for the supplier businesses. Therefore, the objective of the project is to create approximately 200 million DKK in new annual turnover, approximately 80 million DKK in added surplus in export and at least 80 new jobs in the Region of Southern Denmark.

Project activities

  1. Qualification and establishment of innovation collaborations
  2. Development of new products/solutions (completion of development phases)
  3. Testing of and user involvement in relation to the developed products/solutions
  4. Testing of the developed product's/solution's usability, safety and market potential.

Expected Results

At least twenty private businesses will enter into the project's innovation collaborations, which will lead to a total private investment into research and innovation of 13 million DKK. In addition, through the project a minimum of five businesses will develop new products or introduce products to new markets. The project's development and testing phases will result in at least nine new automation products.

The long-term effect of the project will be to promote effectivity among the SMEs in southern Denmark that are implementing the new automation solutions that are developed in the project.


The project has a total budget of 38,136,184 DKK; of this 7,497,574 DKK is granted by the European Regional Development Fund; 17,500,000 DKK is granted by Southern Denmark Growth Forum and 13,138,601 is self-financed by the enterprises.

The project runs from 1st March 2016 - 28th February 2020.

Project Participants

Interested? - read more about the innovation offer HERE.


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Contact person
Per F. GøsePer F. Gøse

Project Manager


+45 6550 7387




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