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Automation in Southern Denmark

Automation of manufacturing companies in Southern Denmark

20130904_AutomationisydDanish manufacturing companies has over the last couple of years had a focus on increasing their competitiveness by trimming their production. This has been done through a relocating of manual and routine jobs. Also, the manufacturing companies have increasingly outsourced non-kernel functions to sub suppliers outside Denmark. Nevertheless, this strategy is not tenable. New numbers show that when manufacturing companies outsource manual and routine jobs, the rest of the company follows after a few years.

Through the project "Automation in Southern Denmark", The Region of Southern Denmark expects to stop this development for manufacturing companies placed in the region. In other words the goal is to keep the productions - and thereby the workplaces and the development activities in the region. This will be realized by converting manual production into strategic automated production. Thereby an ongoing development of a competitive, flexible and agile production will be secured.

Behind the project

"Automation in Southern Denmark" will make the manufacturing companies in Southern Denmark able to go through with more strategic automations projects in the future. The project aims to generate a basis of production through an increased use of automation that is supposed to increase the sale and the market shares, for example through several and more various quality products.

Through a number of examinations of automation potentials in companies located in Southern Denmark, the project gives the companies new perspectives on how they might be able to optimize the production and increase their competitiveness by automating and using robotics.

The project will be run by a number of experienced Southern Danish experts in robotics, whom will visit the companies and help them to achieve a view on their robotic possibilities: How they can advance from manual to automated production.

Automation in Southern Denmark offers, among others:

- Examination on how to optimize the production
- Examination of the automation
- Aluminum check
- Inno12 - event for development
- Workshops
- Travels for knowledge and taking the knowledge into the business


The project runs from August 2013 to December 2014. Syddansk Vækstforum (South Danish forum for growth) funds 3.1 million Danish krones for the project. The total budget is 4.675.891 Danish krones.


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