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ASETA - autonomous helicopters for weed control

Development of autonomous helicopters for weed control in fields in cooperation with autonomous vehicles

20101208_autonomehelikoptereWeeds in fields are normally controlled with pesticides and it is quite common to spray the whole field to be sure that all weeds have been reached. But much spray misses the weeds due to the fact that they are not standing equally close at all positions in the fields. This has significant costs - not least the nature but also the individual farmer's costs.

Meanwhile, the target of the Danish government for use of pesticides is clear:

- Danish agriculture must reduce the use of pesticides. I am convinced that agriculture can reduce pesticide use through intensified counseling and new technology, said Climate Minister Connie Hedegaard in 2007.

A research and development project - with Aalborg University in the lead - focuses on the problem.

The required solution

In the project "Adaptive monitoring and early treatment of crops with a team of autonomous vehicles" (abbreviated ASETA in English) focuses on the use of small autonomous helicopters to gather information about the weeds in the field. The project's primary focus is the planning of the cooperation between helicopters, mobile robots, and the farmer wisheds to manage the fields - and how to ensure that the developed system is both effective, stable and safe. This means that the project is focused on making the process automatic - so recognition of affected areas in the field, spraying or grubbing is done automatically and the registration of treated and untreated areas occurs in a timely manner.


For further reading visit www.es.aau.dk/projects/aseta

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Anders La Cour-HarboeAnders La Cour-Harboe

Associate Professor and Project Manager

Aalborg University

T +45 9940 8700



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