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  • AutomationsBoost
    Targeted innovation programme to increase the level of innovation and automation in small and medium sized enterprises in the Region of Southern Denmark
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  • Horizon2020-NET
    Intensifying participation of Danish stakeholders in Horizon 2020 projects in the areas of robotics, automation and drones
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  • Hospital at Home
    Hospital at Home
    Study of ways to nurse accutely ill elderly medical patients at home
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  • InnoDrone
    Innovation project that will increase the prevalence of drones in Danish industry.
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  • InProReg
    The innovation project InProReg, which stands for Innovative Production Region, intends to create competitiveness in the production industry through the development and utilisation of modern production technology across the German-Danish border.
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  • Patient@home
    Development of welfare technology to support the hospitalisation of patients in their own home
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  • Positioning systems for inspection robots
    Positioning systems for inspection robots
    Is there such a thing as a positioning system that can be used to determine the precise position of inspection robots on large constructions?
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  • Rehabilitation using Industrial Robots - Universal RoboTrainer
    Rehabilitation using Industrial Robots - Universal RoboTrain...
    Study on the possibilities of rehabilitation of injuries caused e.g. by blood clots using industrial robots
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The Innovation Network RoboCluster in short 

RoboCluster brings together Danish expertise in the field of robotics research, development and design. The network provides you with the latest knowledge on robotics and intelligent solutions and services for several areas of great political and developmental attention. Get new input for your challenges in the field of robotics and automation and get closer to the Danish robotics environment 

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