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RoboCluster is a national innovation network that brings the Danish robotics environment together in an innovative network that focuses on increased development and application of robotics, automation and industrial IT. The participants in the network cover the entire value chain from development to application

All members take part in innovation collaborations or knowledge sharing activities that are based on specific innovation- and development needs. At the same time, all collaborations are customized to the needs for development and knowledge of the individual member(s).

Members are mainly represented by two types:

  • Developers and integrators of robotics, automation and industrial IT
  • Users of robotics, automation and industrial IT

Please contact the secretariat office if you want to know more about what you and your business can get out of becoming a member of the Innovation Network RoboCluster.

Read more about the Innovation Network RoboCluster's services HERE.


Contact person
Christina E. WanscherChristina E. Wanscher

Network Manager

Innovation Network RoboCluster

T. +45 9350 7500



The Innovation Network RoboCluster in short 

RoboCluster brings together Danish expertise in the field of robotics research, development and design. The network provides you with the latest knowledge on robotics and intelligent solutions and services for several areas of great political and developmental attention. Get new input for your challenges in the field of robotics and automation and get closer to the Danish robotics environment 

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  • Campusvej 55
  • DK-5230 Odense M

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