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How can you benefit from being a member of RoboCluster and how do you become a member?

Why participate?

As a member of RoboCluster you get closer to Danish research, development and innovation in the field of robots and automation - no matter whether you are a business (user, supplier, developer or manufacturer of robot and automation solutions), a public institution, a sector association or a research scientist.

How do you become a member?

All you have to do to become a member of RoboCluster is to fill in a member form HERE and send it to [email protected]

Member advantages

  • Clarification of your innovation and development needs in the field of robotics 
  • Dedicated matchmaking with relevant development partners 
  • Access to innovation projects and fund-raising 
  • Free participation in RoboCluster's events and conferences 
  • Tailor-made knowledge-gathering excursions and visits to national and international knowledge environments 
  • Contact with international users, developers and knowledge environments 
  • Access to new robotics know-how

What does it cost?

Being a member of RoboCluster is free. Members commit themselves to be active in the network, thus providing co-financing in the form of the hours spent on e.g. attending events, projects, etc. For every hour the members spend on the network, the Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants gives 1 hour's pay to operate the secretariat office in order to arrange/initiate activities, matchmaking and development projects. Read more about financing HERE.

List of members

On RoboCluster's website, all the members are listed with a logo and a link to their own website. See the list of members HERE

Disclosure of member information for statistical and scientific purposes

For members, the innovation network submits information once a year about participation to our grant provider, SIU (Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants). The innovation network provides application data for statistical and scientific purposes – such as the name of the company, address and CVR number to the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education’s InnovationDanmark database.

At the request of third parties, the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education will hand over the InnovationDanmark database for statistical and scientific purposes. Typically, third parties are other public institutions (such as universities and ministries) and private consultancy firms which will conduct an analysis or evaluation assignment for a public organisation or institution. The Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education can provide information about who has been granted access to the database. This is based on the sections 5, 6 and 28 of the GDPR / General Data Protection Regulation. 

Further information

Please contact the secretariat office for further information about how your business/institution can become a member of the Innovation Network RoboCluster. E-mail: [email protected] · T. +45 6550 7400

Contact person
Christina E. WanscherChristina E. Wanscher

Network Manager


M. +45 9350 7500




RoboCluster brings together Danish expertise in the field of robotics research, development and design. The network provides you with the latest knowledge on robotics and intelligent solutions and services for several areal of great political and developmental attention. Get new input for your challenges in the field of robotics and automation and get closer to the Danish robotic 

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