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The Innovation Network RoboCluster’s logo is made of an icon put together with the monogram written in capital letters

The icon illustrates the triple helix model that RoboCluster is based 20100706_rcsplaton where research, industry and society (symbolised by the three branches) qua RoboCluster (symbolised in the middle) enter into a dialogue-based collaboration on development and growth through the use of robotics, automation and intelligent systems.

The name

RoboCluster is a collocation of the words robot and cluster. The combination of words emphasises RoboCluster's field of operation in the area of robots and robotics and reflects that we are a group of stakeholders that are joined together in a network. The name is meaningful in both Danish and English which underlines the fact that RoboCluster has both a Danish as well as an international aim with international interests and collaboration partners. 


Contact person
Julie Thygesen RydahlJulie Thygesen Rydahl

Marketing- and Communication Manager

Innovation Network RoboCluster

+45 2498 4100



The Innovation Network RoboCluster in short 

RoboCluster brings together Danish expertise in the field of robotics research, development and design. The network provides you with the latest knowledge on robotics and intelligent solutions and services for several areas of great political and developmental attention. Get new input for your challenges in the field of robotics and automation and get closer to the Danish robotics environment 

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  • Campusvej 55
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