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RoboCluster is rooted in a unique collaboration between industry and research institutions, a collaboration that has led to a concentration of knowledge and skills within the development and application of robotics

RoboCluster was established in spring 2002 as a local growth environment based at the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute at the University of Southern Denmark. In 2006, RoboCluster gained regional anchoring as a Regional Technology Centre for robots, automation and intelligent systems.

Today, RoboCluster is established as a national innovation network for robots, automation and intelligent systems. Organisationally, RoboCluster is still based at the University of Southern Denmark and its physical location is the RoboLab at the Odense campus of the University of Southern Denmark. RoboCluster is one of 22 innovation networks in Denmark supported by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

Since its inception in 2002, RoboCluster has been warmly received and well supported by businesses and institutions with links to the robotics and automation industry. Today, a strong knowledge base has been created as a result of a large number of development projects and collaborative initiatives. RoboCluster also plays an active role in clarifying the possibilities inherent in robotics from an overarching societal point of view, e.g. how industry, agriculture, the health service and the education sector can benefit from the opportunities offered by robotics.

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The Innovation Network RoboCluster 

The Innovation Network RoboCluster brings together Danish expertise in the field of robotics research, development and design. The network provides you with the latest knowledge on robotics and intelligent solutions and services for several areal of great political and developmental attention. Get new input for your challenges in the field of robotics and automation and get closer to the Danish robotic 

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