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Collaboration Projects 2019

In 2019 several projects will be initiated from RoboCluster and as a business within the industry of automation, robotics and/or drones, you now have the possibility to be part of one of these.

The projects are defined as “collaboration projects”, which over a limited period of time will address challenges and seek solutions in close collaboration between industry, universities and Danish Research and Technology Organisations. The aim is to foster innovation built on knowledge in the private industry, which in the end should lead to growth for the industry.

The budget for the collaboration projects is two-fold. One half of the budget will go to the knowledge institutions for their time and resources, the other is the time that the industry will feed into the project. This means there is no funding for the private companies, but there will be plenty of new knowledge and expertise which will flow into your company in close collaboration with the other partners in the project.

Have a challenge? Want to be part of a Collaboration project, then this is your chance!

Go to this site /innovationsnetvaerket-robocluster/samarbejdsprojekter-2019.aspx  and fill in an expression of interest – and please note only companies located in Denmark can take part of projects in the Innovation Network RoboCluster.

If you want to know more, please contact network manager Christina E. Wanscher. 

Collabration projects

Intelligent robots that learn from human interaction

In this collaboration project industrial assignments will be identified, and it will be demonstrated how knowledge from a human expert (i.e. an operator) can be transferred to a robot. Lead by Aalborg University.

The robot as a module in the factory of the future

In this small-scale demonstration project, the usage of collaborative robots will be tested as a flexible standard module to scale up the capacity in a high volume production. Lead by Aalborg University.

Drones for transport

This encompasses three smaller projects that will focus on the development and demonstration of drones transporting goods – either to off shore or in an enclosed industrial area. Lead by UAS Denmark.

Simulation of collaborative robotics in collaborative environments

This project is a feasibility study that will uncover the possibility of introducing collaborative robots. Simulations will include technology that will test if it can be applied in real life. Lead by University of Southern Denmark.

Programming by Demonstration for robotics in health care

The project will be centred on the use of collaborative robotics in health care. Focus will be on Programming by Demonstration for programming of movements of the robot.  Lead by University of Southern Denmark.

Mobile Robots – Inside-Outside-Inside

Purpose of the project is to address mobile robots that move from the inside to outside and then inside again. Focus will be on the development of the necessary sensor- and steering technology. Lead by the Danish Technological Institute.

Inter urbane vehicles

The self-driving inter-urbane vehicles will be the focus of this project where different systems will be tested in selected scenarios. Lead by the Danish Technological Institute.

AI Hardware-Apps in industrial production

Purpose of this project is to demonstrate how AI-analysis of process data can be used in making data-driven decision-making in a production context. Lead by Aarhus University.

User-perspectives on integrated robot technologies

In this project focus will be to bring robot technologies and the use of these into new areas of usage. User perspectives and strategic design will be addressed in the projects in the areas of social robotics and telepresence and telecommuting. Lead by Design School Kolding.

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